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One of the biggest challenges of finding an entry point into crypto investing is the lack of cash-investment opportunities and finding the right partner to get you into the market.

That’s where COINS MARKET LEBANON excel and lead!

Trusted by people all over Lebanon we continue to serve as the leader in Crypto markets.

Our Branches are spread across Lebanon in:

  • Jbeil (Head Quarters)
  • Jal El Dib
  • Furn AL Shebak
  • Hamra
  • Zouk
  • Tripoli

Message From Our CEO Mario Awad

Mario Awad

Youth are increasingly turning to cryptocurrency to shield themselves from currency depreciation, get money in and out of the country, and try to make up the losses they have suffered.

We sitting on top of this digital revolution continue to help clients to join the digital era and to take benefit from the crypto world by suppling the market with their needs of coins and maintain the ecosystem of the digital money.

Join Coins Market Lebanon superior move to secure your future from surrounding disruptions.

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